Nord Company has many years successful experience overseeing the complex reconstruction of heating systems for urban districts, towns, and industrial enterprises, from the concept development stage to the final realization of heat delivery.

The five-step plan for building an effective heat supply system

System Assessment

A comprehensive series of tests establishes the condition of the heating system’s equipment and boiler housing, the state of its pipes and circuits, and its economic efficiency. We also assess environmental conditions in the surrounding area and the potential for growth in heating demand.

Choose the best solution

The results of the assessment are used to choose the optimal solution for reconstructing the heating system. Measures are developed for energy efficiency and effective use of fuel according to environmental requirements.


This development concept becomes the basis for key engineering decisions and choices of equipment for the rebuilt system. The reconstruction project is thoroughly appraised and approved by regulatory agencies. 

Construction and installation

Nord Company has a full range of options for construction and installation of heating systems, from urban blocks and small towns to whole districts of major cities and large industrial enterprises. We work with high quality modern materials and advanced technologies. 

Using the system and return on investment

After reconstruction the customer receives a high-quality, smooth-working heating system. The service lifetime is not less than 25 years. Average payback time for the project is three to five years.

The company also attracts investment for financing the project. In the modern world, energy saving and energy efficiency are key factors that help ensure the energy security and economic development of districts and municipal areas. 

Nord Company has a comprehensive approach to the renewal and use of heat supply systems. Our unique experience of rebuilding heating systems in municipal districts of St Petersburg and towns in the Vologda and Leningrad regions allows the company to successfully apply the same approach in other regions, using tried and tested technical and planning solutions, effective schemes for attracting investment (financial projects), and principles of interaction with local authorities.