Utilities Networks 

Pipelines and networks are a key element in heating supply systems, and their quality determines the reliability of heat transmission and rates of heat lost. 

Nord Company offers design and installation of external pipelines and networks for domestic heating, hot and cold water supply, sanitation, and gas supply. 

The company works only with high-quality modern materials and advanced technology, using corrosion-resistant steel and plastic pipes in foam insulation with a service life of 50 years. 

For laying pipes under roads, water courses, and in other inaccessible places where trench-digging is impossible, we use horizontal directional drilling with a special rig. 

Key Benefits: 

Guaranteed quality of worksmanship. 
Optimum timeframe. 
Extensive experience in building and commissioning pipelines and networks. 
Advanced construction machinery and equipment. 
The ability to build and commission installations of any complexity as soon as posisble. 
Mobility and the ability to work in different regions of Russia.